Protection Relay HHD10-B

Power voltage Three phaseAC380V 50Hz
Function Phase failure phase sequency voltage unbalance
Display mode LED indicator
Output contact One group NO and NC contact
Contact capacity 3A  AC250V
 Dimension  78×33×68.5mm
Mounting Embedd or 35mm Din-Rail
Replacement ABJ1-10W 
 This series of motor protectors are suitable for the power supply circuit with AC 50Hz and rated working voltage 380V, and the motor control circuit is composed of AC contactors and other switching appliances. When the main circuit of the motor is out of phase, overload, blocking, three-phase unbalance, over-voltage, under-voltage, short circuit, leakage and other abnormal working conditions, timely disconnect the contacts of switching appliances, disconnect the three-phase power supply of the motor, and quickly and reliably protect the motor.